I have a bad feeling about The Avent Techs

I have a very bad feeling about The Avent Techs. I used to be a client of The Crew Source which was run by Eddie Abdalla. I worked with Eddie a few times. You know how they say, “The third time is the charm?” In my case, it was a disaster. A day before my company’s event, we were all supposed to meet at the location to set it up. Nobody showed up – I mean nobody, not a technician, a project manager, or Eddie. When I tried to reach him, he refused all of my calls and pushed them to voicemail.

A few months later, I came to learn that Eddie had done this to several other clients. The Crew Source, Eddie and a slew of other folks were in serious legal trouble! As a result of their misconduct, the judge found Eddie guilty and he’s in debt millions of dollars. He also filed for Bankruptcy because he “didn’t have the money to pay.” I use quotes because Eddie’s such a liar that I have a hard time believing he didn’t have the money. If I wasn’t the only client who gave him money and didn’t get the service I paid for, I have to believe there are others. Right?

Then Eddie started The Avent Techs corporation. Though I have not worked with him again for obvious reasons, I find it impossible to believe that he will leave clients high and dry as he did with The Crew Source. I think I might be right because a colleague told me that he ran it into the ground leaving another pile of debt in its wake. What I can’t fathom is that he RE-LAUNCHED The Avent Techs, LLC. I have good reason to believe that he plans to do the same thing again with clients he hasn’t burned.

Eddie is a con-artist, that’s very clear. I just want people to be aware of this and reconsider before booking this company for their next event. JUST, PLEASE GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT FIRST. Check Google. Here is my Google Search and results for “Eddie Abdalla Court Cases.”

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The Avent Techs Owe Me MONEY

The Avent Techs Owe Me MONEY

Eddie Abdalla now works for The Avent Techs and he owes me money, a lot of money, over 2,500 dollars! I am but one of many technicians Eddie owes money too. I found this online, a technician who wasn’t paid by Eddie either. He’s in debt hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, countless technicians are out of money. Some of us can’t pay our rent. Others had to move home. His unpayment and shady tactics destroyed so many lives. Please watch this video and pass it along.

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Eddie Abdalla Owes me MONEY

mike fuller owes me money

Hi my name is “Joe.” I worked a trade show in Austin last month for The Avent Techs owned by Mike Fuller. I was hired by Eddie Abdalla. Man, it was such a long day. I put in over 15 hours on Day One alone. In total, over 3 days, 37 hours. I sent my invoice in for $2,389 and still haven’t gotten paid. These guys are a**holes. I’m behind on all of my bills and scrambling to make $$$. This SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

Don’t work for these guys. I’m not giving up. I’m trying to take them to small claims court to get my money. Being broke sucks. hate it.



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The Crew Source and The Avent Techs are the SAME COMPANY

mike fullerIt’s really important to know that THE CREW SOURCE and THE AVENT TECHS are the same company. When THE CREW SOURCE was ordered by the court to turn their company over, they started THE AVENT TECHS.

Under both companies, the same owners are there, they’re just hiding and trying to avoid paying the technicians they hired and never paid. These guys are really bad.

Eddie paid off a couple of technicians to keep his secret, that he didn’t have money and he was hiring hundreds of people to work for him, but had no plans to pay. I wish we knew who those other guys were because they’re supposed to be on our side. They’re freelancers , too. There are so many of us who have great reputations because we’ve been in the business forever and to have our co-workers turn their backs on us is equally bad.

The Crew Source and The Avent Techs are the same dam company. They hire AV Labor and dont pay them. They owe a couple hundred thousand to freelance AV Technicians.

Now Eddie and the other assholes takes all the resources, the employees and remain in eddie abdalla wont pay av techniciansbankruptcy but still keep hiring AV TEchnicians to work for them. It’s just bad – bad all around.

Eddie owes me money. And now he’s hiding again. Why did the website go away? Why is his name off of everything? If he’s SOOO INNOCENT?!

We found Eddie’s contact info and wanted to share it.

  • Email: edwardabdalla@gmail.com
  • Phone: 310-740-7134
  • Mailing Address: 4625 Placidia Ave, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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