About The Avent Techs

about the avent techs

This blog was created by AV Technicians who worked for The Crew Source, The Avent Techs, Eddie Abdalla and Mike Fuller. We’ve worked several gigs for these guys and are owed about $20,000. Our hope is that by coming together and posting about this online, we might be able to get paid and ensure that other freelancers don’t fall victim to what these guys have done.

All of us are veterans in the AV Industry. We love what we do and we’re proud of our work. We’re deeply saddened that we’ve been pilfered by these two companies. There are so many reputable companies. Unfortunately, The Avent Techs, Fuller Lighting and The Crew Source are scumbags (forgive my French).

If you want to share your story with us, please email us theavventtechs@gmail.com and we will publish it.